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6 Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas For Children

When it comes to Easter, it’s hard to not think about chocolate. As soon as Christmas is over, supermarket shelves start to display bunnies and miniature chocolate eggs and bakeries dust off their hot cross bun recipes.

Whether you want to avoid the sugar highs, or are simply looking for a healthier alternative that does not necessarily involve food, we have the answer, having rounded up the best non-chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids.

1. Pajamas, a new tradition

Have you ever thought of creating a new tradition for your family every Easter? Give your children a brand new set of cute pjs and slippers. You may want an Easter themed design or simply their favourite colour or character. Whatever their preference, when you buy good quality baby clothing from Gumtree, you know they will last longer than a sticky chocolate egg and be money well spent.

2. Craft activities

Family time is always great when you can do things together and craft activities are one great way to get creative. Whether you use real eggs or buy a little kit with plastic eggs, painting and decorating them are heaps of fun.

You could also bundle up some magic beans engraved with cute words and images and spend the day planting and gardening. And to keep up the egg vibe, grow a magic bean in an egg carton.

3. Books

Books (don't forget to read grow inspire) are treasured items in many homes and teach children to use their imagination. They are a wonderful Easter alternative gift and can become an event that kids look forward to. Green eggs and ham could be their new favourite!

4. Baking

Children love to bake and if you don’t mind the extra (fun) mess that is associated with lots of little helpers in the kitchen, this may just be a great idea for you. You can bake Easter egg shaped healthy cookies and decorate them together. Kids can then place a few in cellophane bags with ribbons to hand out to friends and their teachers.

5. Toys

There is such a fabulous array of toys available that will entertain and educate children of all ages; it’s hard to opt for anything else. Wooden jigsaw puzzles, figurines and soft bunnies are just the start. Felt storyboards are also great ideas and can come in a range of themes and are fun and reusable. You could even make meal times a little more fun with placemats, a melamine dinner set and cutlery that are Easter themed.

6. Easter egg hunt

A good-old traditional Easter egg hunt can take on a new life and be adjusted to suit all ages. Armed with cute little bunny baskets, kids can search the garden for a range of little trinkets, Matchbox cars, new crayons and even colouring books. When their baskets are full of fun new treasures, you’ll be amazed that they won’t even be thinking about chocolate; they will be more excited to start playing with their new finds.

Easter does not need to be a chocolate holiday (just like party bags don't need to have sugar, always consider other party bag ideas). Consider mixing it up and giving children a range of fun opportunities that are not covered in sugar.

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