Thank You Gifts Australia: Gratitude Grows with Magic Beans

thank you gift australia growing

Are you on the lookout for a unique way to say 'thank you'?

At Live Love Bean, we believe gratitude is something to be cultivated and nurtured... like a plant! Handmade in Sydney, our magic beans actually sprout into plants that bear messages of thanks on their sides, making them perfect Australian thank you gifts.

See, gifting a magic bean is more than just saying 'thank you', it's a memorable experience. It's the surprise when they receive the magic bean, the joy when the plant first sprouts, and the astonishment when the message appears. It's a thank you gift that is experienced and cherished over time.

Leading our selection is our 'smiley' Thank You bean - it'll surely bring a smile to the recipient's face when the bean sprouts to reveal the happy little emoji on one side and 'thank you' on the other. 

Next up is the fun 'Thanks A Bunch' magic bean. Add a touch of humour to your thank you gift! With this bean, not only will the recipient enjoy the surprise of a growing gift, but enjoy an inner chuckle when the bean unveils its playful message. 

Our 'Much Appreciated' magic bean is another fantastic way to express your gratitude. As the bean grows, the gratitude grows too... serving as a lasting reminder of your appreciation. It's a thank you that keeps on thanking!

Or say it with grace with our 'Thank You Kindly' bean. The elegant message that appears as the bean sprouts is another charming option to express your appreciation.

Last, but certainly not least, is the 'You're Amazing' magic bean. More than just a thank you, it's a living statement of admiration. Showing your sentiments in such a unique way can be incredibly touching, making the recipient feel genuinely valued.

In a world that is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, these magic beans also represent a sustainable choice. They're an Earth friendly, zero-plastic way to express gratitude. As the recipient nurtures their sprout, they're also fostering an appreciation for nature and the environment.

Handcrafted with love in Sydney, our engraved seeds are authentic Australian thank you gifts. So whether you're in Australia or halfway across the world, you can send a piece of Aussie love and thanks with these magic beans.

A magic bean is a thank you that grows. It's a gift that nurtures, surprises, and delights. It's an experience that reminds the recipient of your gratitude every day.

So, next time you need to say thank you, let a magic bean do the talking. After all, nothing speaks more plainly than a talking plant!

Check out the beans below...

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We work with schools, universities, charities, not for profits and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The best beans are those that you envision yourself.

Whatever your mission or project, there's a bean here for you!

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