Baby Shower Gifts Australia: Say Hello with Magic Beans

growing baby shower gifts in Australia

With the latest in baby shower gift-giving from down under, Live Love Bean, Sydney-based artisan seed engravers (a.k.a. 'magic beans') present a unique, sustainable and absolutely delightful take on traditional baby shower gifts.

These are no ordinary beans: each one is hand-engraved with a special message that grows on the side of the sprouting plant, making for an unforgettable gift experience!

Yup.. you heard right, talking plants.

First off, meet our 'Welcome Baby' magic bean, a gender-neutral gift that breaks the mould. Unlike your traditional baby shower presents, this magic bean doesn't just say 'hello'... it grows 'hello'. The bean sprouts into a charming plant that bears the message 'Welcome Baby' - a perfect surprise for any new parent.

Choose to gift the 'Welcome Baby' magic bean loose, attached to a gift card or with our complete growing kit.

For those who love a bit of DIY, you can even pre-plant the bean, so the 'Welcome Baby' message is just starting to sprout at the baby shower! Guaranteed to make the recipient's jaw drop.

Next in our baby shower collection are the 'It's a Boy' and 'It's a Girl' magic beans. These beans are not just declarations of joy, they're eco-friendly celebrations of new life. When the beans sprout, they reveal the messages 'It's a Boy' or 'It's a Girl' on their side.

Imagine the mother's surprise when she realises that these aren't just beautifully hand-engraved beans, but beans that will grow to display a loving welcome to her newborn. It's a baby shower gift that continues to give and give, serving as a wonderful memento of a special time.

These magic beans have captured the hearts of gift-givers across Australia, revolutionising the search for baby shower gifts. In a world where consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, giving a sustainable, zero-plastic gift like a magic bean makes a strong statement.

Plus... it's a great way to introduce the next generation to the wonder of nature right from the start!

Why go for the usual baby clothing, toys, and accessories when you can gift a talking plant? It's fun, it's amusing, it's whimsical, and it's a baby shower gift that will be remembered long after the baby outgrows their onesies.

Made with love in Sydney, these magic beans are as local as it gets, making them truly Australian baby shower gifts. So if you're looking to support local businesses and gift something extraordinary - consider these unique hand made gifts for your next baby shower.

Whether it's the 'Welcome Baby' bean for a gender-neutral gift, the 'It's a Boy' bean for a new little gentleman, or the 'It's a Girl' bean for a precious princess, these magic beans are sure to leave an impression.

So let's make baby showers more magical and memorable. Bid goodbye to the generic baby shower gifts and stand out with a magic bean. Nothing celebrates new life quite like a seed!

Check out the beans below...

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We work with schools, universities, charities, not for profits and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The best beans are those that you envision yourself.

Whatever your mission or project, there's a bean here for you!

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