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5 Best (Truly) Eco-Friendly Promotional Items, Gifts & Products for 2023

Trying to find a truly eco-friendly promotional product for your business isn't easy.

Sure there are a ton of items that claim to be 'Eco' but still seem to be made out of plastic or metal. It's all a bit confusing to be honest.

So with that in mind we headed out into the great Aussie bush and rounded up the top 5 best eco friendly promotional items that are actually green.

#1 Magic Beans

Talking of things that are actually green, you can't get any greener or more eco than a magic bean. Just look!

eco friendly promotional item growing in a pot

Provided by Mother Nature herself, there is virtually no carbon footprint involved in the creation of these beans (they grow without fertilizer in the lush soils of Ghana). No plastics, no metals, even our backing cards are made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Plus, what could be cooler than growing plush, plump round beans that have been lovingly laser engraved with a unique message into a fresh green sprout that boasts your logo on the side?

That's why magic beans make such an impressive promotional gift. They're unique, get people talking and will cause even the most unlikely gardener to track down a pot and some soil (which in fact they won't even need to do if you order our custom branded pots).

Your clients or potential customers will become fully immersed in the experience of growing the bean. Excitedly checking it wide-eyed each morning, lovingly caring for it like a new born baby as the all important magic message erupts forth from the soil like a magic green volcano.

It's an experience they won't forget - along with whatever message or logo you chose to have engraved on the bean.

We'd say it's a unique opportunity to truly engage your customers with your brand.

You can send magic beans out with orders, hand them out to potential clients, or use them as a special gift at a big event or expo. Consider putting together an eco friendly promotional giveaway at Christmas or another special time.

The ways you can use these natural gifts to promote your business are literally endless. The only limit is your imagination. Our clients have come up with hundreds of inventive ways to use these cost effective promotional products. So what kind of message will you have engraved on your custom beans?

fully sprouted eco-friendly promotional gift

#2 Recycled Journals

Recycled journals are all the rage. And I mean why not? This is an eco friendly promotional product that you can have some level of faith in because it is made from little more than recycled paper and cardboard. The source? Simply trees. Tick.

Just make sure to verify that all suppliers involved in the creation of the metal ring binder in the center of the journal are fully sustainable and eco friendly too.

#3 Yo-Yo

Who doesn't like a good old fashioned Yo-Yo?

If you're feeling retro vibes, this could be a great way to promote your business. Made simply from wood and cotton string (which are renewable resources and biodegradable) there's no way you can't say this is a genuinely eco friendly promotional item.

#4 Tumbling Tower

Dare we say Jenga?

Of course we daren't... and neither would you. But there's no need to mention brand names when it comes to tumbling towers. This simple game made from nothing more than wood is an original Aussie favorite. You can delight your customers and promote your business at the same time with a branded tumbling tower!

#5 Wooden Skipping Rope

Nothing will help your clients remember your brand more than if you give them a boost in their fitness and lifestyle that makes their life more enjoyable. And what better complement to a workout than an old school skipping routine?

A wooden handled skipping rope is most definitely eco friendly and when you have your brand name laser etched into the handle your customers will be thinking of you every time they work up a sweat.

Just make sure that the rope fibers don't have any unfriendly or non-green manufacturing practices behind them.

Final Thoughts - The best eco friendly promotional gift

Well, we may be biased of course, but we reckon magic beans are the best eco friendly promotional product on the market. A cost effective living gift that can also be customised to your heart's content and turned into a personalised corporate gift or custom promotional item.

We can't imagine anything greener or that will generate more chatter and positive vibes for your brand in 2023.

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Want to see your logo on a talking plant?

We work with schools, universities, charities, not for profits and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The best beans are those that you envision yourself.

Whatever your mission or project, there's a bean here for you!

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