Christening Gifts Australia: Blessings That Grow with Magic Beans

Looking for a unique and sustainable way to celebrate a christening? Look no further than the magic beans of Live Love Bean. Based in Sydney, we offer an extraordinary range of hand-engraved magic beans that will bloom into delightful messages, perfect for christening gifts.

When it comes to Christening gifts in Australia, we believe in adding a sprinkle of magic.

First on our christening gift list is the heartwarming 'On Your Christening' magic bean. This isn't just a typical christening gift. It's an eco-friendly, whimsical surprise that sprouts to reveal the celebratory message 'On Your Christening', growing alongside the blessed child.

Whether you choose to present the bean loose, adhered to a heartfelt gift card, or with our easy-to-use growing kit, you're gifting more than just a keepsake. If you're an early planner, you can even plant the bean yourself and surprise the family with a sprouting message at the christening!

Next, we present our 'Bless You Little One' and 'Child of God' magic beans. With each watering, these beans will grow to reveal their messages, serving as lasting reminders of this special day. Just imagine the delight when the beans sprout, revealing these blessings, a daily reminder of the spiritual journey they have begun.

Want to make your gift even more personal? With our personalised magic bean pot product, you can add the child's name for that extra special touch. It's a christening gift that truly grows with the child, marking their faith journey from the very beginning.

Magic beans are more than just christening gifts; they are an experience. They instil a sense of wonder and nurture an appreciation for nature, delivering a message that literally grows with the child. It's a gift that is as memorable as it is meaningful.

In a world that is increasingly conscious of sustainability, these zero-plastic, eco-friendly gifts make a big statement. They show a commitment to the environment and a wish for a greener world for the little one to grow up in.

Handmade with love in Sydney, these magic beans are a proud offering from Australia, making them truly Australian christening gifts. If you're in the search for local, unique, and meaningful gifts, consider these magic beans.

Choose between our 'On Your Christening', 'Bless You Little One', and 'Child of God' beans, or why not gift a set of all three? After all, nothing commemorates a christening quite like a plant that speaks blessings!

Check out the beans below...

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