Personalised Corporate Gifts That Grow!

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We believe that the best corporate gifts are the ones that grow... alongside your business relationships. That's why we've put our hearts into creating a truly unique corporate gift experience, where the magic is only just a sprout away.

Our magic beans are the perfect personalised corporate gift for appreciating a job well done, celebrating a milestone, or simply saying "thank you" - there's a bean for every corporate occasion.

Why Choose Magic Beans For Your Corporate Gift?

  1. Personalized: Each seed is laser-engraved with a message, logo or symbol of your choice. You can even personalise every single bean with an individual team member or client's name, making each and every gift truly unique.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Nothing could be more sustainable or kinder to planet Earth than a seed. In addition, you can choose from our fully recycled packaging options with zero plastic.
  3. Versatile: We offer fully customisable branded growing kits with soil, 100% recycled gift cards with instructions on the rear, or simply loose magic beans on their own. It's totally upto you.
  4. Impactful: Your clients or employees receive a gift that they will nurture and grow over time, making it an emotionally engaging experience that will form a long lasting positive memory associated with your brand
  5. Unique: The vast majority of people have never received a talking plant before! Get ready for jaws to drop and eyes to widen when your clients or employees realise what they've just been given.
  6. Cost Effective: Generate maximum impact with minimum outlay by leveraging the cost effective nature of a seed based gift.

personalised corporate gift for st john ambulanceA unique, thoughtful corporate gift can speak volumes about your company's values and ethos. Personalised magic beans, engraved with names, logos or your brand's values, do just that.

Imagine your team or business partners receiving such an unique gift... The curiosity when they see the small, unassuming beans. The surprise when they realise when they've been given. The disbelief when the beans start to sprout, revealing their personalised messages.

It's more than just another eco-friendly corporate gift, it's an engaging, delightful experience that creates lasting memories.

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Our magic beans can be personalized with any message that resonates with your company's brand values. It could be a motivational quote for your employees, a message of appreciation for your clients, even add a unique bean for each recipient with their name on it! (just send us a spreadsheet of the names).

There's literally a magic bean for every occasion.

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And while magic beans are whimsical, sparking joy and curiosity in those that receive them... they also have a serious side. Expect a serious return on investment from these affordable engraved seeds, as they nurture your business relationships into a new stage of growth.

So take the plunge and choose our magic beans for your next personalised corporate gift. We work with businesses, educational institutions, charities, not for profits and enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

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