Make someone's day, week or month.

Show someone how you really feel about them with a message that keeps on growing.

Magic Beans

If you need a unique, memorable and a sure-to-turn-heads gift, this is... 

magic beans growing in pot

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Not only are magic beans unique enough to put a genuine look of surprise on the receiver's face, they also get even better day by day - as their message is slowly revealed. A single magic bean is a great talking point, a scenic addition to any room or patio and a touching reminder of the giver.

A simple ‘I Love You’ or ‘Thank You’ message will blossom with love and gratitude, a continual reminder of your feelings - whether from near or afar.

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    Free replacement of any stragglers.

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    Don't Worry, Bean Happy

    If you're not 100% delighted, you get your money back.

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    Nature & Eco-Friendly

    Zero plastic, fully bio-degradable, all recycled packaging.

Special Occasions

Whatever the occasion, it's never a bad opportunity to give a friend... 

magic bean engraved with happy valentines day
message bean with love heart engraved


Magic beans are made to make people happy. What better way to... 


Nobody has more fun than our magic beans! These friendly little round... 

magic bean sprouted with believe message
  • Plant An Idea

    Magic beans aren't just for giving to others. Whatever inspiration, motivation or spiritual wisdom you're in need of, there's a bean with a message just for you. Grow your mind alongside your plant.

  • Grow A Relationship

    Customers need to know they're loved. Like really. Ditch the nasty plastic pens and corporate mugs, and send your clients an engraved bean with a special message. They won't forget.

  • Reap What You Sow

    The possibilities are endless. Be it for a unique wedding gift, Christmas, Anniversary or Valentine’s present. Whatever the event, everybody appreciates plants with words on them.


What are magic beans?

Technically, they're called Jack Beans (Canavalia Ensiformis). Jacks Beans have a lovely white, smooth appearance - which is laser engraved with a special message or symbol.

As the bean sprouts, the message becomes part of the plant. Magic right!

Eventually, it will grow into a full bean plant with lovely purple flowers. If you want more juicy details see our page what are magic beans.

How long do they take to grow?

Most beans will sprout and reveal their message after 4-10 days.

After around 4-6 weeks, your bean plant will be ready for transplanting to a new home (larger pot, garden).

How long will a magic bean last?

Unplanted, magic beans will last 2-3 years as long as they are kept in a dry, cool place.  

Once in the soil, a magic bean plant can grow for up to 12 months or more.  The message itself may only last a couple of months.

Where are they made?

All our beans are laser engraved by hand here in our workshop in Sydney, Australia.

Can magic beans be eaten?

Technically, yes (as long as they're cooked). But why would you want to?

Jack Beans are more likely to give you a sore tummy than have you exclaiming to have discovered the next great culinary delicacy.

In their raw uncooked form, they are mildy noxious to humans. Although you'd have to chew your way through tons to make yourself really sick.

Can you make me some custom ones?

Yes, with pleasure! We like nothing more than working with people to design beans that will bring a smile to their face on their big day, or for their special project.

Just submit an enquiry on our custom orders page.

Can I buy them in bulk?

Absolutely! Whether you're a marketing company, a school, want to resell our products, make your own, or become a stockist - we have wholesale pricing available.

Just get in touch to enquire about our wholesale magic beans.

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Want to see your logo on a talking plant?

We work with individuals, businesses, charities, not for profits and educational institutions of all shapes and sizes.

Whatever your idea for a custom magic bean - there's a bean here for you.

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