The Magic Bean Plant: Your Ultimate Guide (2023 Edition)

The Magic Bean Plant: Your Ultimate Guide (2023 Edition)

A magic bean plant (a.k.a. Jack Bean plant) is in essence a very hardy, virile, fast growing and adaptable climbing bean vine. Not much can stand in the way of its relentless pursuit of life.

However, despite the fact that they're... magic, they are actually a rather simple plant to grow (see how to grow a magic bean) and take care of.

What a fully grown magic bean plant looks like?

Many folks wonder what a fully grown magic bean plant looks like.

Which is a perfectly understandable question. When you first come across these small, round white beans, you'll probably plant them and - if you haven't already - end up with a cute little bean sprout.

But what the hell is this thing going to turn into later in life? You may even have a little bean anxiety, hoping you haven't just started the second coming of Day Of The Triffids.

Well, chillax, it's OK. Your house and garden are not in any immediate danger of being overtaken.

fully grown magic bean plant compared to sprout

Since the magic bean plant is a vine, the fully grown plant will grow as high as you let it. It will have a tendency to 'seek the sun'. For example, we received an email from a lady the other day telling us that her plant had reached the ceiling of her living room and she was wondering what to do with it.

This is because the plant was growing tall and spindly in it's attempt to find sun within the apartment. If, however, you place it outside where it is in direct sunlight, the plant grow shorter and stockier since it does not need to strive so hard for light.

The fully grown magic bean plant will flower after around 4 months and produce bean pods of its own after about 6 months. It's not unattractive and it can be fascinating watching the plant grow through so many life cycle stages so quickly.

How big do magic bean plants grow?

As mentioned above, the height of a magic bean plant varies depending on its environment. They will usually grow between 50-200cm, however with sufficient climbing room (a tree, the side of your house, etc) it has been known to grow as high as 10 metres!

What does a magic bean grow into?

The answer is essentially a bean vine with magic bean pods. Check out these magic bean pods we are growing in our garden.

what does a magic bean grow into answered

They'll continue to get plumper and plumper until you can open, dry and harvest them!

Will A Magic Bean Plant Flower?

Yes, the magic bean plant will flower. Its flowers are quite small, delicate purple things that will last only a few days before drying up.

magic bean plant flower close up

Before you blink, you will see the beginnings of a seed pod start to grow from the little buds where the flower left off. Isn't nature wonderful?

What About Magic Bean Plant Seeds

Nobody knows more about these seeds than us! We've literally built an entire business out of engraving them.

And yes, beans are seeds. They are the same thing. So if you're looking to buy magic bean plant seeds, all you need to do is check out our wonderful collection of magic beans.

So What About The Leaves?

We should distinguish between the first leaves (i.e., the engraved part of the magic bean that carries its message, known as the cotyledon) and true leaves which come later. 

Also the first true leaves after the cotyledon will be broad, deep green and slightly droopy, whereas the subsequent leaves will be slightly hardier and a different shade of rusty green. You can see this clearly in the image below.

magic bean plant leaves

Magic Bean Plant Care

Wondering how to look after a magic bean plant?

These wonderful plants really are easy to care for. Once germinated and sprouted, just keep in mind these simple principles:

  • It needs some moisture and some sunlight. As long as these conditions are kept true, the plant is actually remarkable flexible. We have both grown them on our shady windowsill and outside in the scorching 35 degree heat. Magic bean plants actually loves the sun and will grow more quickly, the more they have.
  • After about 4 weeks, you will need to transplant the young seedling from the small tin you purchased it in to a new pot. After this time, it will have consumed all the nutrients and proteins stored in the cotyledon and will now need to source nutrition from soil. If you're going to purchase soil specifically for the purpose, a vegetable potting mix will be ideal. Otherwise the plant is very flexible and will do well in practically any soil, though the richer in organic matter the better. It will tolerate a broad pH range of 4.3 - 8 though 5 - 6 is ideal.
  • Water once a day, or however often is needed to retain some moisture in the soil. These plants need water and will die if you let them get too dry.
  • The vine can be guided as to where you'd like it to grow, so place your pot next to your balcony, drain pipe, trellis or wherever else you can think of. 

That's all there really is to magic bean plant care, so kick back and enjoy the process of being a bean parent!

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