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"Read Grow Inspire" Beans (Book Week 2023)

"Read Grow Inspire" Beans (Book Week 2023)

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Introducing the Read Grow Inspire magic beans – a set of three delightful beans, each engraved with an inspiring word and corresponding image, designed to spark curiosity and creativity during Book Week 2023!

These unique magic beans, handcrafted in Sydney, feature the words "Read," "Grow," and "Inspire," accompanied by charming images of a book, a plant, and a lightbulb, respectively. This enchanting trio is the perfect gift to celebrate the spirit of Book Week 2023, encouraging students to explore the magic of reading, cultivate their minds, and ignite their imagination.

As a teacher, you know the importance of nurturing a love for reading in your students. These Read Grow Inspire magic beans are an exceptional educational tool that perfectly complements classroom learning or a kitchen garden project. They offer a hands-on, multi-sensory experience that brings the theme of Book Week 2023 to life, fostering a deep connection between the joy of reading and the wonders of nature.

When your students plant these captivating beans, they'll be amazed to see that the engraved messages remain on the cotyledons, creating a living reminder of the power of reading and the importance of personal growth. As the plants flourish, so will your students' passion for learning, as they witness firsthand the transformative effects of nurturing and care.

These magic beans provide an excellent opportunity for cross-curricular learning, as you can integrate them into various subjects, such as literacy, science, and environmental education. Students can engage in discussions and activities about plant growth, photosynthesis, and sustainability while deepening their appreciation for the written word.

Additionally, the Read Grow Inspire magic beans can serve as the foundation for numerous engaging classroom activities. Students can track their plant's growth, document their observations in a journal, or create artwork inspired by their growing plants. These activities not only reinforce the Book Week 2023 theme but also foster essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and communication.

Celebrate Book Week 2023 in a truly memorable way by incorporating the Read Grow Inspire magic beans into your classroom or school's festivities. These enchanting beans are a meaningful and eco-friendly alternative to traditional Book Week decorations or giveaways, offering an unforgettable, hands-on experience that your students will treasure for years to come.

As a testament to the educational value and potential of these beans, we encourage schools and teachers to contact us for wholesale pricing. We're committed to supporting educators in their quest to inspire a love for reading and learning among their students, and we believe that the Read Grow Inspire magic beans are a perfect way to do just that.

What does it come with?

Select how you want your beans delivered. Choose from 3 options:


Just beans. Plump, round and juicy - as nature intended. Beans are double sided (engraved on each side).

Price is per bean.

Eco Card

Your beans are attached to a 100% recycled backing card with growing instructions on the reverse side.

Includes 2 beans (positioned on the card so each side can be seen).

Eco Pot

Everything you need to grow your beans.

Includes 2 beans on an Eco Card, plus an alluminium pot of eco-friendly coconut coir, the ideal magic bean growing medium.

Care information

• Push bean gently into soil
• Water lightly every day
• Place in a sunny spot
• Message will be revealed in 5-10 days
• Message will last ~6 weeks
• Transplant to a bigger home after 4-6 weeks
• Will flower and produce bean pods after ~5 months
• Will continue to grow and last for ~1 year

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