What Are Magic Beans?

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Magic beans - also known as message beans - are engraved seeds that sprout to reveal their messages on the side of the plant!

They are an easy-to-care-for, quick growing, edible bean plant known as the Jack Bean (Canavalia ensiformis).

You simply plant your beans just below the surface of the soil, add water, and 5-10 days later the magic will take its course.

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How does this possibly work you ask? We use high resolution laser engraving machines to etch special messages into the hard outer case of the seed. The laser penetrates the case just enough to gently etch the message onto the side of the inner bean without damaging it.

When the bean germinates - the etched message is carried through onto the side of the bean sprout. Magic!

The message part of the plant will eventually fall off after about 6 weeks, but you can continue growing your magic bean plant for 1 year afterwards. You will eventually get some lovely purple flowers, and a fully grown bean pod full of seeds too.

what is a magic bean explained

What can you do with magic beans, you ask?

The options are truly endless.

Advertise your business, thank your customers or employees, promote your event. Show your partner you love them, send a message to a friend or relative instead of using a traditional card.

Create a unique personalised gift for a birthday, wedding or Christmas! Inspire students at your school or university. Perhaps give them out as settlement gifts. Even buy a bean for yourself as a source of inspiration or spiritual contentment!

Whatever your reason, magic beans will spread joy and good vibes... and are guaranteed to get people talking.

Live Love Bean is here to help you spread the love and whatever message you need to send - with these affordable, unique and eco-friendly living gifts.

So what next?

Feel free to check out our most popular product, the Personalised Magic Bean Set. Otherwise, you'll find a few more of our lovely magic bean designs below.

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