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Kids Party Bags Without The Sugar

Party loot bags are usually full of sugary treats and little toys that tend to be tossed or lost well before their used by date.

Sure, kids love them but next time you start to pull a few items together for a giveaway party bag, consider giving the kids something that is useful and fun - and give lollies a miss.

Take a look at these non-sugar party bag ideas. It will get you thinking.

Party craft

If you are planning a craft activity during the party, let that item be the main take home ‘gift’ and package up some additional bits and pieces that the kids can use at home to finish off their work.

If the party guests were to paint T-shirts, create masks or jazz up some paper plates into animal creatures, make up a little bag of sparkles, beads or pipe cleaners that they can pick up on their way out.

Not only will they get to take home something fab that they will be proud to show mum and dad, but also some extras that they can use to keep on creating at home!

Playdough containers with multi colours

The number of homemade playdough recipes available online these days makes this a fantastic, inexpensive option.

Make a large batch then divide it up and dye it in rainbow colours. Give each child a ball of each colour to take home. Package in a jar or little container with some twine and it in itself becomes a fantastic gift.

Depending on the budget, some little cookie cutters in cute shapes make for a great addition.

Magic beans engraved with words and images

Give each party guest an old egg carton or small plastic pot to decorate. Let them then choose an engraved magic bean to plant. Words such as Happy Birthday and smiley face images are just the start of what can be designed on each bean.

Kids can then take their creation home and watch it grow to reveal the hidden words and develop into a flowering bean vine; their own magical Jack and the Beanstalk vine. They can even grow their own fairy garden. Not only does this make for a great party activity but also doubles as an item that kids can nurture and see grow before their eyes.

Final Ideas

Traditional use of stickers, bubbles and fairy wands or coloring books, pencils and stencils are also great ideas. Anything activity based, including miniature puzzles, gives each child something with far greater value and life.

If you want to avoid the lollies and up the ante on your child’s party, re-think the contents of the traditional party bag (don't be afraid to go against the groove, just like you can have a non-chocolate Easter).

Keep it safe, on theme and affordable and give each party guest something fun and educational to enjoy long after the party is over.  Not only will it help the memories of the day last but you’ll be ensuring your money is well spent.

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