natural green wedding table decoration example

Unique Wedding Table Decorations With Magic Beans

Do you talk to your plants? Now they talk back!

Yes, magic message beans are the perfect decoration for your wedding table.   These cleverly custom-designed bean seeds are laser-etched so precisely that it leaves a word or symbol visible as the plant sprouts and grows.

An incredible conversation piece for your wedding.

Lovely custom designed little pots can be strategically scattered over the wedding table, to give a refreshing splash of natural green and instant talking point as soon as your guests eyes fall upon them.

We suggest you plant them about 10 days before your event (maybe start planning all this around the same time you receive your bridal shower gifts), so that they have time to sprout; or even longer if you have the chance.  By then your guests can see the words and/or images very clearly when they are seated enjoying your celebrations.

Or, alternatively, give the unsprouted seeds to your family and friends as a bomboniere, but remember to show a few already growing to let your guests know what to expect.

At the end of the night, some of your lucky guests can take them home.  Once planted, these magic beans can grow into a bean vine, just like Jack In The Beanstalk! No promises about being able to climb it though.

Choose your words to suit you.

Whether it is a simple Thank You, your names, the date or something more personal - once you select your design you’re on your way to making a serious impression on your family and friends.

Let’s get the ball rolling and start designing your wedding table decorations today. Click here for custom beans.

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Want to see your logo on a talking plant?

We work with schools, universities, charities, not for profits and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The best beans are those that you envision yourself.

Whatever your mission or project, there's a bean here for you!

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