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3 Wedding Table Scatters From Mother Nature

When you’re planning your very special day, there are hundreds of small details you need to remember.

From small details like ties and jewellery through to bigger (and more expensive) worries such as the cake and the bridesmaid dresses, it can be a taxing time.

Of course the reception is the fun part of the wedding – all the official obligations are over and it’s time to sit back and relax.

Most couples like to personalise their wedding as much as possible and the reception is no exception.

Wedding table scatters are a lovely way to create a personalised table for each guest as well as an easy and usually cheap decoration.

Glass & Crystal Scatters

Crystal and glass scatters are a lovely wedding table decorations for several reasons:

  • In the right lights, they reflect light beautifully.
  • They’re the perfect choice if you want something that has either the appearance of gemstones, diamonds or ice.
  • They come in a huge range of colours.

Fall or Autumn Leaf Scatters 

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll find Autumn (or Fall, as it is known in some countries) is a very popular time of year.

If you love the lovely rich red and golds of this season, consider bringing them out in your wedding decorations.

Some lovely theme colors you can include are red, gold, burgundy, yellow and peach.

Fall leaves are also a lovely scatter for a nature based wedding; you can go with a four seasons theme and have a vibrant range of colors ranging from spring brights to darker winter tones.

Go with a single colour if you have a different theme, or use a mix if you plan to theme your wedding around rich fall colours and items.

Rose Petal Scatters

Of course one of the most popular themes of all time is flowers – since they’re one beautiful object that many women share a passion for.

Flowers come in thousands of different varieties and hundreds of colors, making them a versatile choice for any wedding.

Flower petals are available in every shade in nature – and quite a few that aren’t (including vibrant greens!)

Thrown at random on a reception table they add a lovely earthy touch and you can even save a few for the honeymoon.

If you want a traditional wedding table scatter, rose petals are a great choice, as they are classic, elegant and timeless.

TIP: If you want to bring out more than one theme color, consider mixing two colors of rose petals. Rich colors such as purple and peach or red and gold make a lovely table decoration.

Not only do they make a lovely wedding table scatter, they can match most wedding themes.

TIP: If you’re worried about matching the exact color, consider going with a darker scatter than your theme color, to highlight the main color.

For example if your theme color is lavender, go with a deeper purple.

Or for a pale pink, go with a dark pink or even hot pink.

Magic Bean Scatters!

Continuing with the natural theme, what could look more curious scattered around your wedding table than laser engraved magic beans?

These wonderful round, plump beans can be personalised with the name of the bride and groom - or even the guests! Curiosity will be peaked and your guests will be guaranteed to pick a few up and start the conversation flowing.

Just make sure to pop one or two little pots of already sprouted beans on the table - showing the message pre-revealed on the side of the plant!

You'll just need to plant the little guys 7-10 days beforehand to make sure they're ready.

Contact us today to design your personalised wedding scatters!

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