Different Ways To Use Water Beads – Practical Uses and Fun For The Kids

UPDATE August 2022: Dear customers, we used to sell water beads, until we found out that they are not safe for children. Water beads can be ingested and cause gastrointestinal damage to children. We no longer sell them and no longer recommend them as a planting substrate. 

You’ll be amazed at the number of different things that you can do with water beads, or water crystals.

Whether you are 3 or 93 there is bound to be something here to suit.

The fact that they are very inexpensive, available in multiple colours and reusable over and over makes them one of the best products around.

What can you do with water beads?

There are hundreds of ways to use these colorful, versatile water crystals.

They come in a lightweight, dry form the size of a tiny pebble.   Once they are merged with water, they magically grow to 120 times their original size.

Creative ways you can use water beads around the home

  • Air freshener – Add a few drops of your favorite oils to a bowl of beads once they have been soaked in water and the will absorb the scent and become a gorgeous air freshener.
  • Candle holder – Place a candle or tea light candle inside a bowl of beads. Whilst the beads are not flammable they can melt so keep an eye on them
  • Christmas – Great stocking filler idea for adults or use a red and green packet to decorate the dinner table.
  • Cut fresh and silk flower arrangements – Compliment any cut flowers or silk flower arrangements, creating amazing effects.
  • Glow sticks – Place a few glow sticks into a container of beads and watch them glow.
  • Great gift idea – Give someone a unique gift leaving them to use their own imagination on how they create a special use for them.
  • Halloween – Fill up a clear bowl with orange beads as an alternative to a pumpkin
  • Home decoration – Perfect to jazz up a living area, dining area, bathroom, study, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Light them up – Add waterproof LED lights to a bowl or display to help them shine.
  • Magic Beans – perfect to use to plant and watch some magic beans sprout (whether you purchase them from Bean Me Up or us!)
  • Painting: use them as an alternative to marbles when painting. Simply place a piece of paper inside the lid of a box and drop some colours of paint onto the paper. Drop in the beads and let them roll around creating a unique design.
  • Retail shop display– Add some eye-catching decor to attract customers to your shop.
  • Soil Substitute – A perfect soil substitute indoor plants.
  • Stress relief – put them in a bowl on your desk and sit and play with them for a bit when you need time out.
  • Table decoration – Exciting new way to decorate any table. Perfect for weddings, Christmas & New Year, birthday parties, graduation & baby shower celebrations, or your family dinner.
  • Weddings – great for wedding table decorations or gifts for guests.

There are a number of reasons to utilise water beads in an assisted learning scenario, although not for children. They are great for hand eye coordination, sensory stimulation and fine motor skills. 

They are squishy, bouncy, slippery, slimy and loads of fun.

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