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7 Simple Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas That Work

Whilst saying “thanks” has a nice ring to it, words don’t always carry the strength that actions do.

If you’re in the customer service business—and every business is in some degree - how do you show your appreciation to customers?  More importantly, how do you make your “thanks” fun and memorable?

Here are some interesting ways to show your customers you appreciate them. You’ll notice some common threads amongst each suggestion.  That’s simply because every method really should not only be relevant and personalised, but noticeable and sincere.

7 Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas

Write a note

hand-written note is a rare way of showing gratitude these days, however it really works.   Of course this option may not be feasible based on the number of clients you have, however imagine the impact it will have.  

The extra time is worth it! You’ll make your customer’s day—everyone loves receiving old fashioned mail!

Loyalty program

Invite your loyal customers to join a special rewards program for VIPs.  You don’t need to go overboard. It may simply be a coupon discount valid on their birthday or a special promotion offered to them only at select times of the year.  People loved to be made to feel special.

A surprise upgrade

Does your business run on membership? Thank a selection of customers with a free, spontaneous upgrade.

Host an event

Throw a party or seasonal event for your special customers. It may be in-store or at a casual location such as a park, however the aim is to have fun. As a bonus you’ll learn a lot more about your customer and how they think, a big win for any business.

Free goodies

You can randomly select days during the year to offer customers a range of freebies when they enter your store.  It may be to allow them to sample a new product or try before they buy.

And if you only sell online, well why not throw a few little surprises into their postbag!

Discount their invoice

Have you ever sent a note to a customer advising them that you’ve just reduced their invoice as a way of showing appreciation for their loyal and continued service?

You could even take an extra 10% off your customer’s purchase at the point of sale, just to say thanks for their business. Now that's customer appreciation!

Branded gifts

Personalised corporate gifts used to be cringe-worthy throwaways, however these days there are such a huge variety of amazing products that customers will be very excited to receive.

Look at our custom magic beans for example, they certainly have a wow factor!

Showing your customers how much they mean to you does not need to be an expensive exercise, however it does need to occur.

Find a unique product or concept and be genuine about it and your clients will be very thankful.

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