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Real Estate Settlement Gift Bean Set

Real Estate Settlement Gift Bean Set

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Introducing our Settlement Gift magic beans - a delightful and innovative twist on the typical real estate gifts. See these aren't just ordinary beans - they're laser-engraved with touching messages that will literally grow on the first leaves! Turning a simple plant into a talking point and cherished memory.

Navigating the real estate market can be a whirlwind of emotions – the highs of finding the perfect home, the suspense of offers and negotiations, and the overwhelming joy of finally receiving those shiny new keys. It's a journey, and at its conclusion, a simple gesture can make all the difference.

You could replace the traditional bottle of wine or box of chocolates, or simply complement them. Stand out from your competitors by including a unique, sustainable gift that truly resonates with the joy of a new beginning.

Our unique magic beans come with heartfelt messages like "Welcome Home" or "Home Sweet Home". As the new homeowners care for their new seedling on their new windowsill, it will gradually sprout, emerging from the soil with its special message - symbolising the growth and nurturing of the house into a cherished home.

For real estate agents, selecting the right real estate settlement gift is pivotal. Your clients will always remember how you made them feel, and these beans give you an opportunity to send a touching message in an unqiue, eco-friendly way. They're a delightful surprise that stands out amongst other real estate gifts, aligning perfectly with the spirit of buying a home.

In an industry where relationships matter, these affordable bean growing kits offer an opportunity to connect deeply with your clients. As they nurture their plant, they'll recall your role in their home-buying journey. These aren’t just mere 'settlement gifts' they're an ongoing experience that will last for upto a year - creating a enduring memory that will genuinely position your brand 'front of mind' (much more powerfully than a fridge magnet).

Furthermore, for agents aiming to leave an indelible mark, we offer custom branded pots and cards printed with your real estate’s brand. You can even have your logo engraved on the back of the beans! Contact us for a custom quote.

So whether they're complementing traditional real estate gifts or standing out on their own, these beans truly encapsulate the essence of nurturing a home and new beginnings. Welcome to the next level of real estate gifting!

Click here to enquire about a custom quote for your real estate agency.

What does it come with?

Everything you need to grow your beans.

Includes 3 beans on a 100% recycled presentation card with growing instructions on the back, a 150ml aluminum growing pot and two dehydrated peat discs - the ideal magic bean growing medium.

Care information

• Push bean gently into soil
• Water lightly every day
• Place in a sunny spot
• Message will be revealed in 5-10 days
• Message will last ~6 weeks
• Transplant to a bigger home after 4-6 weeks
• Will flower and produce bean pods after ~5 months
• Will continue to grow and last for ~1 year

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