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Personalised Best Friend Gift Set Beans

Personalised Best Friend Gift Set Beans

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Been browsing for personalised best friend gifts, but fed up with the same cheesy old bracelets, necklaces and other cheap looking trinkets?

Well why not go green this year and surprise your BFF with a talking plant?

These laser engraved seeds will literally sprout to reveal their message on the side of the plant, a living gift that will have your bestie wide-eyed and picking their jaw up off the floor.

This unique, eco-friendly gift set will touch your best friend’s heart, not just on the day you give it to them but for weeks after as the they watch the message grow and evolve day-by-day – a constant reminder of the bond you share and the depth of your relationship (plus how cool you are).

When it comes to personalising these beans, the only limit is your imagination.

Your personalised best friend gift will include 3 magic beans. Each seed hand-engraved with your custom message.

Bean 1 – Their name (e.g., Ash, Bec, Eliza, Ryan, Ms Smith)

Bean 2 – Your Name or message (e.g., Sam, Veronica, Chris, Besties, I Love you, Say whatever you like)

Bean 3 – Pick a picture (e.g., BFF Love Heart, Bubble Teas, Love Heart or Smiley Face)

Be creative! Your personal message can be as fun, silly or serious as you like! Just enter your choices into the boxes above and that’s it, our artisan bean engravers will get to work.

Care information

• Push bean gently into soil
• Water lightly every day
• Place in a sunny spot
• Message will be revealed in 4-10 days!
• Can be transplanted to a bigger home after 4-6 weeks

What does it come with?

Choose from 3 options:


Just beans. Plump, round and juicy - as nature intended.

Eco Card

Your beans are attached to a 100% recycled backing card with growing instructions on the reverse side.

Eco Pot

Everything you need to grow your beans. Includes Eco Card and an alluminium pot of organic coconut coir, the ideal magic bean growing medium.

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