Personalised Promotional Items That Grow!

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In a sea of generic promotional items, standing out can be a challenge.

Our magic beans - engraved with your logo or message and handcrafted in Sydney - make for a personalised promotional product that is truly one of a kind.

These special seeds will literally grow the engraved message on the side of the plant! 

Once your customers or prospects plant their bean, within 5-10 days an adorable bean sprout will emerge from the soil bearing your chosen message. Just like this:

personalised promotional gifts

Your brand’s logo, message or thank you are displayed in a completely unique and unforgettable way.

Why Choose Our Magic Beans?

  1. Highly Personalized: Each seed is laser-engraved with a logo, message or symbol of your choice. You can even personalise every single bean with a client's name, making each and every promotional item truly unique.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Nothing could be more sustainable or kinder to planet Earth than a seed. In addition, you can choose from our fully recycled packaging options with zero plastic.
  3. Versatile: We offer customisable branded growing kits with soil, 100% recycled presentation cards with instructions on the back, or simply loose magic beans on their own. It's totally upto you.
  4. Impactful: Your customers or prospects receive a gift that they will nurture and grow over time, making it an emotionally engaging experience that will form a long lasting positive memory associated with your brand
  5. Unique: The vast majority of people have never received a talking plant before! Get ready for jaws to drop and eyes to widen when your customers or prospects realise what they've just been given.
  6. Cost Effective: Generate maximum impact with minimum outlay by leveraging the cost effective nature of a seed based gift.
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You see, the gift of a magic bean stands out. It's not just a product, it's an experience and an adventure awaiting to unfold. The anticipation of the sprouting, the surprise when the engraved message appears, the joy of nurturing a plant – it's a journey that your brand becomes a part of.

This unique experience is something the recipient will remember—and talk about. It's a conversation starter, spreading awareness in an organic and authentic way.

personalised promo items

As the plant grows, the magic beans continue to serve as a living billboard for your brand. Unlike a brochure that might be thrown away or a pen that may run out of ink, a bean plant will thrive for many months - ensuring your brand remains in the recipient's consciousness for a long time to come.

Magic beans also represent an opportunity to promote you brand in a genuinely eco-friendly way. They're authentically sustainable and completely biodegradable. We use zero plastic and offer you 100% recycled packaging.

Personalised promotional gifts should be more than just cheap items with a name or logo slapped on them! They should resonate with your brand's ethos and vision.

Our magic beans and packaging options can be easily customised to fit any marketing campaign or brand message. Whether it's for a product launch, a trade show, or any other event - we have a bean for that!

Check out a selection of our recent projects by scrolling through the reviews below:

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