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I Love Me Beans With Hugging Heart

I Love Me Beans With Hugging Heart

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Introducing the "I Love Me" magic bean... it's like giving yourself a giant green hug!

When it comes to self-appreciation, there's nothing quite like a plant that quite literally sprouts self-love.

As these laser-engraved seeds grow, the side of the plant will proudly display the message "I Love Me," reminding you or your loved ones to prioritize self-care and embrace their inner awesomeness.

Not only will this delightful gift provide a whimsical talking point, but it'll also be a constant reminder of the importance of nurturing one's own well-being.

Whether you're looking to give yourself a gentle reminder or searching for a thoughtful gift for a friend who could use a confidence boost, this eco-friendly and handcrafted magic bean makes for the ultimate self-love gift.

So, ditch the posters and other mass produced clap trap and opt for this unique, zero-plastic and sustainable self care token of love that is sure to brighten up any space.

Hand engraved in Sydney with feels.

What does it come with?

Select how you want your beans delivered. Choose from 3 options:


Just beans. Plump, round and juicy - as nature intended. Beans are double sided (engraved on each side).

Price is per bean.

Eco Card

Your beans are attached to a 100% recycled backing card with growing instructions on the reverse side.

Includes 2 beans (positioned on the card so each side can be seen).

Eco Pot

Everything you need to grow your beans.

Includes 2 beans on an Eco Card, plus an alluminium pot of eco-friendly coconut coir, the ideal magic bean growing medium.

Care information

• Push bean gently into soil
• Water lightly every day
• Place in a sunny spot
• Message will be revealed in 5-10 days
• Message will last ~6 weeks
• Transplant to a bigger home after 4-6 weeks
• Will flower and produce bean pods after ~5 months
• Will continue to grow and last for ~1 year

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    Zero plastic, fully bio-degradable, all recycled packaging.