Magic Bean Fundraisers

Schools, clubs and charities are always on the look out for unique ways to raise eyebrows and raise funds. Well look no further!

Here’s why you should consider magic beans for your next fundraiser:

  • Easy To Run: everything you need is provided – co-ordinator kits, growing instructions, information flyers, templates & plans
  • Easy to Sell: hand-engraved magic beans are a unique and captivating product at a reasonable price point, making them an easy sell to your supporters.
  • Sustainable: What could be more Earth-friendly than a seed? All our products are Zero Plastic and authentically eco-friendly.
  • Customisable: All our beans are custom engraved. You can grow your school’s values, crest, logo or any other words. Or choose from over 200 stock designs. Even the backing cards and growing kit lid stickers can be completely personalised.
  • Unique: Get ready for eyes to widen and jaws to drop. The vast majority of people have never seen a talking plant before. They'll be falling over themselves to get on board with your unique fundraiser.
  • Highly Profitable: Make over 95% ROI with our traditional fundraisers or earn $10 on every personalised pot sold with a virtual cashless fundraiser with no up-front costs.

(and not to mention Educational. Schools can incorporate beans into science, literacy and environmental education.  Students can engage in activities about plant growth, photosynthesis, and sustainability, track the bean’s growth…. The options are endless!)

Our fundraisers are also as Flexible as they are Easy to run. We provide you two options:

Option 1: Traditional Fundraisers

Purchase our beans at super-low wholesale rates to resell at your next stall or event. We even have optional school fundraiser boxes for good old fashioned community fundraisers that participants can take home to sell to friends and family.

We have a multitude of options and price points from $3 all the way up to $29 - so we have the ideal beans for your next fundraiser somewhere!

When selling our popular “3 Bean Card” you can earn 142% return on your outlay:

  • i.e., invest $500, make $1,210 = Profit $710

Option 2: Online Fundraisers

Our Online Fundraiser is risk free, completely cashless and 100% online with zero up-front costs. You’ll receive a unique banner, QR code and fundraising link that will lead to your unique customised Fundraiser Page.

All you need to do is promote your Fundraiser Page via your email newsletter.

Customers purchase online with FREE Shipping and at the end of the fundraiser we ship all beans directly to the customer's door.

Your community members will all receive their own unique Personalised Magic Bean Set where they can choose to have their name, family’s names or any other messages or pictures engraved on their beans!

You will earn:

  • $10 on every Personalised Pot sold
  • 25% of any additional products purchased

At the end of the fundraiser duration (usually 2-3 weeks), your funds are disbursed to your nominated bank account within 24 hours.

Find Out More

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