Do you know someone who just loves magic tricks?Best Present For People Who Love Magic

There’s something fascinating about a magician. Even the simplest coin trick can take your breath away.

Finding a gift for someone special who just loves everything there is to love about magic can be hard, especially when they have every trick available.

Sure, there are DVDs which show some of the most famous magicians performing incredible disappearing acts, and there are always new tricks and inventions to try out, but have you ever thought about giving a magic message bean?

Message beans are magical because before your eyes they grow to reveal hidden words and images. The plants not only deliver a message, but continue to develop into a flowering, lush green vine that will continue to amaze and mesmerise.

Whilst you can always present your choice of dozens of magic bean designs and allow them to plant them themselves, why not perform a little magic yourself.

1. Get yourself a pot – it can be any size you like, even one made of paper if you want.

2. Fill the pot with soil.

3. Plant your magic beans, just below the surface and give them a good drink.

4. Wrap the pot up in brown paper with some twine, or any special occasion paper you have.

When your friend opens the wrapping, they’ll see they have been given a pot of soil.  Well that’s all it looks to be.  But in less than a week, the magic will begin and your beans will sprout and the hidden messages and images will be revealed.

Now THAT’S a gift of magic! 

Don’t you agree?