Make A Wish Magic Bean With Star Design


Everyone loves to make a wish upon a star and dream of something exciting and fulfilling.  Now you can.

Our ‘Make A Wish’ magic beans are exclusive to Live Love Bean and are engraved with Make A Wish on the front and a cute star image on the back.

Once planted they will sprout and reveal their designs and then develop into a gorgeous bean vine with mauve flowers.

Perfect for miniature fairy gardens.

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Each magic bean is as follows:


Front: Make A Wish

Back:   Star image


Bean type: Canavalia ensiformis, commonly known as Jack Bean.

Details: Each bean weighs approximately 2 grams and is white. Not to be consumed.

Product Inclusions: Unless otherwise stated, product includes the bean only.


Make a wish upon a star today with our exclusive Make A Wish magic message bean.  Gifts that keep on giving.



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