15 Magic Beans In A Bottle



Magic message beans in a bottle (well, test-tube actually!)

Totally cute and the best way to buy beans in bulk.

This safe, plastic test-tube can hold 15 white magic beans – all you need to do is select any 15 white beans from our stock and we’ll fill it up.

The bottle is plastic so won’t break in the mail and can be reused.

Yes, you choose ANY 15 white beans you want from our available stock and we’ll post it to you full to the brim with message beans.


Simply nominate your beans at checkout or send us an email with your selection.  Regular postage applies.

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Get your magic message beans in a bottle!

Bean type: Canavalia ensiformis, also known as a Jack Bean.

Details: Beans weigh 2 grams and are white. Once planted they grow into a bean vine with purple flowers.


Beans are sold individually, or in bulk lots at wholesale prices. All prices are quoted in $AUD and are inclusive of GST.

Custom designs available upon request.


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