Congratulations Magic Bean with Love Heart


Congratulations magic beans have the word Congratulations on one side, and a love heart image on the other.

They are simple and convey such a lovely message.

Beans can be purchased individually, or in bulk lots at wholesale prices.

20 in stock


Each message bean included in this description is as follows:


Front: Congratulations

Back:   Love Heart


Bean type: Canavalia ensiformis, also known as a Jack Bean.

Details: Each bean weighs approximately 2 grams and is white. They are not to be consumed. Once sprouted, the bean vine produces mauve flowers and can grow to up to 2 metres tall.

Product Inclusions: Unless otherwise stated, product includes the bean only.


Beans are sold individually, or in bulk lots at wholesale prices. All prices are quoted in $AUD and are inclusive of GST.

If you would like a different design than is on offer, or a quantity not offered, please contact us and we can organise a custom order for you.


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