5 Fairy Magic Beans In A Test Tube



5 Fairy magic beans in a bottle (well, test-tube actually!)

Totally cute and great for fairy gardens, additional touches to a fairy door or just a special person in your life.

This safe, plastic test-tube can holds 5 white magic beans.


5 x Fairy Flower – Magic Wand

The test-tube is plastic so won’t break in the mail and can be reused.

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Fairy Magic!

Get 5 fairy magic message beans in a bottle!

Bean type: Canavalia ensiformis, also known as a Jack Bean.

Details: Beans weigh 2 grams and are white. Once planted they grow into a bean vine with purple flowers.


Beans are sold individually, or in bulk lots at wholesale prices. All prices are quoted in $AUD and are inclusive of GST.

Custom designs available upon request.


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