What are magic beans?

Magic beans are known by their botanical name Canavalia Ensiformis.  Engraved with words and images they sprout to reveal the hidden message and then grow into a purple flowering bean vine. 

How long do magic beans last?

Unplanted, magic beans will last 2-3 years as long as they are kept in a dry, cool place.  Once in the soil or planted in water crystals, a magic bean plant can grow for up to 12 months or more.   The message may only last a couple of months.

The design I would like is not in your store. What do I need to do?

The products on display in our store on Live Love Bean are a sample of what we have available, and more importantly a small range of what options are available.  Magic beans can be personalised to meet your individual needs or business promotional requirements.  Please contact us directly to discuss your design and quantity preferences.

I would like to buy more beans than are in stock. What should I do?

If you would like to order more magic beans than our store has available or the price is not referenced for the bulk quantity you are seeking to purchase, please contact us directly and we will tailor an order to suit your needs.

Is there a minimum quantity of beans to order for wholesale purchases?

Depending on the design you are after, the minimum quantity of magic beans that must be purchased may differ.  Please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.