When employees feel appreciated, they become more engaged. When you work with engaged employees, your business sees thank-you magic beans higher productivity and better results. Doesn’t this sound like a win-win situation?

Appreciating your employees is more than just a “thank you” or a pat on the back. While that simple recognition is important, giving an unexpected token of appreciation will go far in earning the respect of your employees.

Here are 5 ways to let your team know that you value and respect them:

    1. Make all thank yous personal. Whether you’re leaving a note, sending an email or stopping by their desk, be specific and sincere when you share your appreciation. This is especially effective when any level of management communicates this with their team.
    2. Give an edible reward. Your team has been working hard, maybe skipping lunches or staying late into the evening to get a big project done. Ordering takeout or taking the crew out for a meal is a great way to strengthen team bonds and recognize their achievements. You could also consider customizing some snack packs and edible gifts for your associates to munch on in the office.
    3. Present a formal award. Personalize a plaque, create a certificate and frame it, customize a crystal paperweight or other award and present it to your employee. These formal gifts are great for long-time or high-achieving associates.
    4. Give gifts that match their personalities. Have an associate who is addicted to coffee? Thank them for going above and beyond with a coffee mug and a bag of coffee. Is he or she into health and fitness? Custom water bottles or reusable lunch bags all make thoughtful thank-you gifts. Choosing items, including magic beans, that mean something to your employees shows that you know them and care about them as individuals.
    5. Provide professional development and growth opportunities. If the budget is tight and you can’t afford to give raises and promotions, help your associates develop into better employees. Be honest with them about your financial situation, and let them know that you care about their success. Help them find a mentor within the business to guide their growth, send them to seminars or conferences that will expand their knowledge or empower them to make more important decisions. If an associate is ready for the challenge, this is a great way to show that you value them and appreciate their efforts.

Engaging and retaining employees will drive your business and create an awesome work environment. Let Live Love Bean help you find appreciation gifts appropriate to your budget and your employees. Choose from a range of unique items today.