Depending on your choice of promotional product, there are a number of common methods of distribution.  Each with their distribute promotional productsown benefits and downsides.

How do you distribute your promotional products?


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to reach out to a great number of people is to hand out your promotional products. Other than time and manpower, the cost is next to nothing and you benefit by making face-to-face connections with each and every potential client.


Mail is a very popular method although this technique requires a little more work ensuring you have the correct name and address of everyone.  It does however add a substantial cost and depending on the size and weight of your item this can be a large deterrent.  Don’t forget too, the mail service is not always kind and gentle to our items so your well thought out product may not arrive looking as nice as you hoped.

Goodie Bags

Trade shows, markets and other events are great to get involved in, and particularly having your product included in giveaway or goodie bags.   There will no doubt be a lot of competition however as many are competing for the attention of the same audience so select your product widely.  A simple pamphlet or brochure will probably get tossed.  Consider adding something that stands out amongst the crowd.


There are plenty of other distribution channels for promotional products. What is your experience?