Cool Giveaway Ideas For Expos, Trade Shows and Conferences

Looking for some clever giveaway ideas for an upcoming expo, trade show or conference? It’s time to look beyond the usual promotional products and think effective, memorable, and a wow factor?

Here are some cool giveaway ideas to consider.

1. Clothing

Often businesses spend a lot of money on giveaways, and it’s usually money down the drain because the products are not targeted to the individual nor do they usually help in making a sale. Have you ever considered clothing? A safe bet is a T-shirt or a cap – these will generally be worn so it helps to generate some publicity.

2. Food

There have been many successful giveaways related to food.  It could be an individually-wrapped tea bags where your  business information and possibly a coupon are stamped onto each wrapper.  It could be a mini chocolate bar or for the health conscious, a sachet of muesli. What do you like, or more importantly, what do your clients love?

3. Skip the business cards

Almost everyone gives away pens. They are handy, lightweight and don’t cost much.  What else is your target customer or client likely to use over and over again? Bookmarks? Stationary? Skip the business card and opt for something they’ll use repeatedly, for years and years.

4. A care package

For something a little different, think about a care package.  You know the kit of bits and pieces that’s used over and over and often shared around.  If you are at a conference where attendees are on their feet all day, make a statement and offer a package, complete with bandages, a small snack, pen, notepad and a maybe a USB drive with your company information.

5. Who says it needs to be tangible?

There’s always the chance a giveaway can get lost, or tossed into a drawer forgotten about.  How about an intangible giveaway such as a digital download. It could be a free white paper, or the first few chapters of a new eBook that can be sent around after the conference or trade show.  It could be a coupon or an opportunity to buy one product and get one free.

Can also be a good way to get customers onto an email list. And we know how worthwhile that is in itself!

6. Something out of the ordinary

What usually stops people in their tracks and makes them look twice at your free give-away is the unique element it presents. Something at simple as a magic bean, engraved with your logo, an image or your slogan, that can be planted and enjoyed over and over might be just what you are looking for.  They are definitely inexpensive, a talking point and easy to post if the need arises. Could be a worthwhile option.

7. It must be useful

Regardless of the item you choose to hand out or give clients as a thank you, it must be useful.  If you’re at a conference for pet owners, give away branded leashes, or portable dog bowls.  If you are at a pregnancy expo, giveaway samples useful for baby and mums. Think of the items that people at the trade show will need but might have forgotten to bring, and give them that. Could it be a bottle of water? You’ll not only be a hero, but they’ll remember your brand too.


What’s your favourite giveaway item? Or even better, what items have you received at a conference or expo that really stood out?