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Mini Magic Bean Kit – Your Choice of 2 Message Beans + Crystals


The BEST gift you'll ever find.

These cute and totally unique mini magic bean kits are a perfect present for someone who has everything.

Each little red plastic container comes with your choice of 2 message beans PLUS one packet of water crystals in a colour of your choice.

(Please note: Blue crystals are currently out of stock)

You could opt for the Forever and I Love You Beans, or Happiness and Forever, or Namaste and Health.  Any combination of any beans we have in stock.  And with 8 amazing water bead colours to choose from, it's a perfect match.





Product Description

Create your own gift for someone special.

Bean type: Canavalia ensiformis, commonly known as a Jack Bean.

Details: Each bean weighs 2 grams and is white in colour. They are not to be consumed.  Bean sprouts in 10 days and develops into a flowering vine.

All prices are quoted in $AUD and are inclusive of GST.

If you would like a different design than is on offer, or a quantity not offered, please contact us and we can organise a custom order for you.

Additional Information

Bean #1

Be Daring, Be Mine, Believe-Achieve, Congratulations – Love Heart, Dream – Rainbow, Fairy – Love Heart, Forever – Linked Hearts, Friends, Good Luck – Smile, Growth – Crane, Happiness – Crane, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Health Happiness, I Love You, Live Laugh, Love You Dad, Love You Mum, Make A Wish, Merry Christmas, namaste, Thank You – Smile

Bean #2

Congratulations-Loveheart, Good Luck – Smile, Growth – Crane, Happiness – Crane, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday – Smile, I Love You – Love Heart, Love You Dad – Love Heart, Love You Mum – Love Heart, Thank You – Smile, Believe-Achieve, Make-A-Wish, Seasons-Greetings (Red), namaste, Live Laugh, Be Daring, Fairy – Love Heart, Dream – Rainbow, Merry Christmas, Forever Linked Hearts, Be Mine, Friends Hugging


Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


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