Merry Christmas Magic Beans – Bulk Buy – 15 Beans

$45.00 $30.00

Looking to add a little gift inside every Christmas card you post?

Searching for something unique to include in a Christmas stocking?

Not sure what to buy for someone special this Christmas?

Live Love Bean is proud to offer BULK purchases of Merry Christmas magic beans.

Buy 15, yes 15 magic beans for only $30

That is only $2.00 per magic bean. WOW what an inexpensive gift.

PLUS receive FREE 3 x Red Seasons Greetings Beans (offer limited)

Beans are packed together in one bag.




Buy 15, yes 15 magic beans for only $30 

At $1 per bean, this makes for an incredibly inexpensive gift.



A merry christmas magic bean is engraved as follows:

Front: Merry

Back:  Christmas

Bean type: Canavalia ensiformis, commonly known as Jack Bean.

Details: Each bean weighs approximately 2 grams and is white in colour. Once planted they grow into a bean vine with purple flowers.

Product Inclusions: Unless otherwise stated, product includes the beans only.



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