It’s very easy to discount promotional products as a thing that ‘everyone else’ does and something that is just not you.  Promotional products create brand awarenessBut think again.  Used in the right way they can very cleverly create brand awareness and promote your products and services for a long time to come.

Here are a few little ideas on how to choose a promotional product for your business.

Items that reflect your company

You know a promotional product has worked when people remember your business and think of you next time they need your services. We know that these days promotional items come in a huge range of clever, nifty and fun things.  Before you get carried away, the first thing to think about when choosing a promotional item is ‘does it reflect your business  and suit your target market‘.

Price point

The next most important element is price.  Somehow things always come down to money.  Depending on the size of your business and what you plan to do with the product can determine how many of your chosen product you need to purchase.  Remember, the more you buy the cheaper the price.

Easy to brand

Don’t forget that the product you choose needs to be easy to brand and most importantly, your name or logo needs to be visible and easy to read. The longer the product can be used, the more your business will be promoted and at the end of the day your advertising money has been well spent.

Find something useful and trendy

Look for a product that is useful and trendy as it will help to leave a positive lasting impression.  It doesn’t even necessarily need to have your logo all over it.  It could have a slogan or a message that reminds people of you.  Keeping branding to an absolute minimum will allow the product to be used more readily.  Consider too that your product may fall into the hands of someone else. This then becomes powerful and free marketing.

A memorable product

When selecting a product, keep it on brand, design it perfectly, and distribute in a smart manner. The intended target must receive the product in a memorable way.

Quality over quantity

Since promotional products are very cost-effective, it’s often tempting to purchase the cheapest ones available. However, giving up quality for the sake of saving a little money can actually cost you more money in the long run. Cheap promotional products can look cheap as well, which can damage your reputation. Cheap products are also commonly thrown away so that is your money down the drain.

Think twice about the plastic pens and stress balls, because so many people use these.

Be creative.

Find something that your customers will want, even seek after.