When it comes to gaining new customers, or encouraging others to try your product, what do you think is the most personalised branded gifteffective approach? Does it matter what you sell? Is your approach dictated by your target market? Or is it simply a matter of preference?

A personalised branded gift

Tangible gifts, given to prospective and existing clients, help to create a relationship that can make all the difference. Personalised gifts go a step further than a piece of printed paper, and make the recipient feel unique and important. Not only will they totally appreciate the thought but it helps to keep your brand, in their mind, longer.

What if they don’t buy though?

You have to be honest with yourself.   Not everyone who receives your thoughtful gift will jump online and buy more. But don’t let that dissuade you.  Even if they don’t bite the bullet and purchase from you, word of mouth becomes very powerful. They may chat to another colleague, friend or business partner and therefore refer your business and its products to someone else that might be interested. It becomes free advertising. Everyone loves FREE things!

Are coupons a thing of the past?

Mass handouts of coupons in promotional giveaway bags are still popular. Yes, they are a very inexpensive alternative to a physical product but are they as effective? More often than not, tossed away or misplaced, a leaflet or pamphlet with a promo code in itself is not going to entice someone to buy unless they have been fence-sitting and now see their chance to jump in to save money.

Personalised gifts for loyal customers and promotional products to help brand your business and establish identify. The key to the perfect connection is to ensure your chosen item is unique, useful and on brand.  The thought goes into the design and gift itself  can make a real impact on the receiver, one that they won’t soon forget. A coupon already has a price on it and imparts no emotion.

What is your preference?  Above all, consider any gift you give as an extension of who you are and how you want to be perceived and remembered.

Looking for an effective gift to give? Magic beans, plants that grow with words on them, are affordable, unique and easy to brand. They tick all the right boxes!