Corporate gifts are popular in Australia because they’re a great way to reinforce your company’s name, message or logo with corporate gifts australiayour customers and clients. The world is becoming more and more competitive every day. What better way to keep your name in your customer’s consciousness than with a useful corporate gift?

Cost effective marketing

Corporate gifts in Australia traditionally are quite cheap per unit, and become more cost-effective the higher volume purchased. The positive sentiment they can produce however, is priceless. Compare a tangible gift to a media marketing campaign, where the gift could last for years, and a newspaper ad is forgotten almost as soon as the page is turned.

Customer focussed

Clever corporate gifts can aid customer retention. Giving existing customers an item useful to them shows you have thought about them, and they in turn will think of your company next time they need your type of business. New customers can be attracted with the same principle; it’s all in the choice of gift.

Choice of corporate gift and timing is key

The key is finding a gift appealing to your client, yet unique among your competitors, and presenting it to them at an appropriate time. Sending out branded wool scarves in summer probably isn’t the best use of a corporate gift. But, send that same present out in mid-autumn and it’s more likely your client will use it appropriately.

Choose gifts that will create the most positive impact with your client or industry. Your gift needs to stand out from the crowd of pens, caps and stress balls, and be remembered for the right reasons. If you choose a generic gift you run the risk of being overlooked or cast aside, or worse being remembered for the worst gift in the bunch.

Social media tie-in

Running a joint marketing campaign with social media can expand the desire for your corporate gift. Include a hashtag, web address for a competition or twitter handle with your gift and increase your online presence too. Add an Instagram photo competition featuring your gift in unusual destinations and watch engagement increase.


Everyone likes to receive something for nothing, and using this to your advantage when giving corporate gifts will help to grow your business throughout Australia.


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