Reap What You Sow with Magic Beans

Whether you’re looking to send the ultimate message to your clients or you’re just looking for a unique gift, magic beans from Live Love Bean will help your relationship grow! Message beans are engraved with words and images that reveal themselves when the beans are planted and then sprout!

Prosperous promotional productscustom magic beans

Magic beans can help promote your business name, slogan or catch phrase. This is a truly unique and effective way to advertise your products or send a message. However you choose to use your magic beans, they will certainly create a WOW factor that will have potential clients talking—with your business literally growing in their hands!

magic message beans for business promotion

Unique Business Promotion

Searching for that WOW factor to help promote your business? Offer your clients a special, unique gift that will have everyone talking.

plants with words on them
magic message bean plant personalised gifts

Personalised Gifts

Everyone loves a present with a personal touch. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas or a Wedding. Customised messages to show someone you care.

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Magic bean plants make great personalised gifts, Australia!

The laser-carved beans also make the ultimate personalised baby gift, unique wedding gift, Christmas, anniversary or Valentine’s present. Surprise Mum on Mother’s Day with ‘Love You Mum’, or wish your best friend ‘Good Luck’ on their special day.
Live Love Bean magic beans are incredibly affordable, living gifts or promotional products that are unlike anything you’ve seen!

Plant an idea.

Grow a relationship.

Send a message.

Get your magic message beans today!

Happiness beans with crane magic beans

Magic Bean Plants

Unique and memorable magic message bean plants grow with words on them.

Just the product to promote your business.  Perfect as perfect personalised gift.

The gift that keeps on giving.  Products with a ‘living’ WOW factor.

Live Love Bean

What Our Clients Say

Live Love Bean magic message beans delivered my business excellent CRM value and real return on investment.

These beans inspired my clients not only to make contact before my reps could contact them, but it generated an exciting Social PR campaign that lasted several months.

They are both the most inexpensive and valuable corporate gift I’ve ever given

~ Talk About Creative